Our own “hand-split” Delaware River Building Stone comes in random colors ranging from very subtle tan to dark brown; pink to barn red; light to dark gray. Some individual stones even contain a mixture of colors and veins. When combined, these hues create a very neutral look that coordinates with almost any roof or siding color scheme.

Each stone is hand split to a thickness of 4 to 6 inches, while the face will average from 6 to 8 inches with some in the 8 to 10 inch size and a few even larger. The coverage should be between 30 to 35 square feet per ton. The unique shapes of the stones make them the perfect choice for a “crazy work quilt” pattern. Masons tell us it is a very easy stone to “fit” and lay.  Bulk delivery is very common for masons.  A certified weight-masters sales slip in furnished.

Our Delaware River Round Landscaping Stone is the perfect choice for achieving a totally coordinated look. Not only do the colors blend nicely, but also the different shape and texture adds just the right amount of contrast. This can also be said of our Exposed Aggregate when used in sidewalks.



For a completely different look….

Our “hand –split” Delaware River Stone can be reversed. By placing the hand split side to the back, the faces becomes the natural round side and this provides a completely different look. There are no sharp edges and easily dusted. The colors do become less vivid than with the split stone. This system can include up to 20 percent “ naturals” that are some what flat in shape. This is premier product for the “natural” look. Coverage is about 30 – 35 square feet per ton.

We also provide a screened and washed round stone that is smaller than our hand-split product. It comes in sizes ranging from 5 to 8 inches and works equally well as a building stone or landscaping stone. Order more than you need for masonry work to give you a good selection and use what’s left in your landscaping projects. This is a less expensive alternative because most of the hand selection is eliminated. Coverage will be from 27 to 32 square feet per ton. Our Delaware Stone as compared to other stone, has an extremely low iron content, thus eliminating unsightly stains on exterior masonry walls.



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